Italian Cookie: Pizzelle Recipes With Anise

Dec 21, 2022 | Desserts, Recipes

Oh, pizzelles, you crispy, Italian cookies, how we love you! Check out our favorite pizzelle recipe for these waffle cookies that are a must at Christmas! Anise pizzelle cookies, make them today!

Pizzelle are all we can talk about lately. My youngest and I just made a batch about an hour ago, and my kitchen still smells good and my taste buds are still dancing. We adore the taste of pizzelle cookies more than we should!

Check out this simple but amazing anise pizzelle recipe. Make anise pizzelle cookies today. These crispy, golden brown will bring Christmas cheer to all. Check out our FAQs and Notes below!

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Pizzelles with Anise!


3 large eggs

3/4 cup sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 cup butter (melted and cooled)

1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 teaspoon anise oil- see our favorites here.

Note: If you want a like anise pizzelles taste and want it stronger, use 2 teaspoons of the oil. This is what my Italian mother does. We opt for a little less.


  1. Melt butter (set aside)
  2. Beat eggs and sugar together (2-3 mins.) until a light yellow color
  3. Add melted butter, vanilla, and anise oil, and beat until blended.
  4. In a separate mixing bowl, sift together 1 cup of the flour and baking powder
  5. In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients.
  6. Fold together until just blended.
  7. Add the remaining flour and fold again until just incorporated
  8. Preheat pizzelle iron check out our favorite pizzelle presses here
  9. Place approximately 2 tablespoons of the batter on the center of the pattern
  10. Bake for about 1:15-2 minutes
  11. Remove and use a wire rack to cool
  12. Repeat until the pizzelle batter is done
  13. Enjoy your new favorite e Italian cookie

Note: Do not stack the pizzelle until they are cooled. The dough is pliable when it is cooling. If they are not flat while cooling, they can cool mis-shapped.

Pizzelle: Frequently Asked Questions

I have never heard of pizzelles, what do they taste like?

Pizzelles are traditional Italian cookies made from flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. They have a slightly crunchy exterior. The dough is usually flavored with anise or vanilla for a sweet, aromatic taste. Pizzelles can also be dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with sugar for added flavor. When served warm, the cookies have a light and airy texture that melts in your mouth. They can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or used to make delicious treats like ice cream sandwiches and cannolis. Pizzelles provide the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors that make them hard to resist!

What does anise oil taste like?

Anise oil has a distinct flavor that is reminiscent of licorice. It is sweet and slightly spicy, with a subtle flavor that is unique and enjoyable. Many people describe anise oil as having a warm and comforting taste, similar to the taste of warm sugar cookies or gingerbread. Anise oil has a deep, earthy aroma that can be used in baking and cooking to add complexity and depth to dishes. In some countries, anise oil is added to beverages like tea or coffee for a unique flavor experience. Anise oil can also be used in aromatherapy, as it has calming properties that make it great for relaxation. Overall, anise oil has a unique taste that adds warmth and sweetness to any dish or drink you make with it!

Do I need to use cooking spray on my pizzelle iron?

Cooking spray is not necessary when using a pizzelle iron. Although it can help reduce sticking, it is not essential for making pizzelles. Generally, a light brushing of butter or oil on the surface of the iron is enough to prevent the pizzelles from sticking and makes them easier to remove. If you are using a non-stick pizzelle iron, you may find that cooking spray is unnecessary because the non-stick surface prevents sticking. It is also important to make sure that your iron is properly heated before adding the batter. Doing this will help ensure an even cooking process which reduces sticking and makes removal easier. So while it may be tempting to use cooking spray on your pizzelle iron, it isn’t always necessary as long as you take other precautions.

My pizzelle batter is sticky, is that the right consistency?

When making pizzelles, it’s important to get the batter just right. If your pizzelle batter is sticky, then you may be wondering if that is the correct consistency. The answer is yes; a slightly sticky batter is ideal for creating thin and crisp pizzelles. However, if the batter feels too thin and runny, you may need to add more flour to thicken it up a bit. On the other hand, if the batter feels overly thick, you can thin it out by adding an additional tablespoon of liquid such as water. Regardless of how your batter looks or feels initially, keep in mind that it should come together easily when mixed with a spoon or spatula and will become less sticky as you cook each batch of pizzelles.

Can you substitute some oil for the butter in pizzelle recipe?

Yes, you can substitute some oil for the butter in a pizzelle recipe. While some recipes may call for butter, there are a few advantages to using oil instead. Oil has a higher smoke point than butter, so it can create a crispier texture in your pizzelle. It doesn’t contain any dairy, so it’s an ideal choice for those who have lactose intolerance or vegan diets. Finally, since oil is usually less expensive than butter, it can be a more economical way to make pizzelle. When substituting oil for butter in your pizzelle recipe, use about ¼ cup of vegetable or olive oil for every ½ cup of butter called for in the recipe. You may also need to adjust the amount of sugar used depending on how sweet you want your pizzelle to be.

Can you use agave in a pizzelle recipe?

Yes, you can use agave in a pizzelle recipe. Agave nectar is a great substitute for sugar in recipes, as it has a lower glycemic index than sugar and is sweeter than honey. This makes it an ideal sweetener for those with diabetes or those who are looking to reduce the amount of sugar they consume. To use agave in your pizzelle recipe, simply replace the sugar with an equal amount of agave nectar and mix it into the batter before baking. Agave will provide a subtle sweetness to your pizzelles while still allowing them to maintain their crisp texture. Additionally, since agave is primarily made up of fructose, it won’t caramelize as much as sugar when baked, so your pizzelles won’t turn out overly browned or burnt.

Can you use chocolate syrup in a pizzelle recipe?

Chocolate syrup is a delicious addition to many desserts, including pizzelle recipes. It adds a unique flavor that can really enhance the overall dish. The best way to use chocolate syrup in a pizzelle recipe is by adding it right before serving. This will make sure the syrup melts into the cookie and creates an amazing texture and flavor. Additionally, you can also add some of the syrup while cooking the pizzelles, which will give them a nice chocolate flavor as they bake. However, be careful not to add too much or it could make your pizzelle’s overly sweet. As long as you use it sparingly, adding chocolate syrup to your pizzelle recipe can be a great way to elevate the flavors of this classic Italian treat. OR better, yet, just make them all chocolate! treats. The Sweetest Secret: Decadent Chocolate Pizzelle Recipe

What is the best way to store pizzelle?

The best way to store pizzelle is to keep them in an airtight container at room temperature. This will help keep the cookies crunchy and delicious while preventing them from becoming stale. Additionally, you should store them away from direct light, such as sunlight or fluorescent lighting, as this can cause their flavor to fade over time. If you need to store them for a longer period of time, you can freeze them in an airtight container. When you’re ready to enjoy your pizzelle again, just thaw and warm them up in the oven or microwave before serving. It is important not to stack pizzelle on top of each other when storing because they can become soggy if left in contact over long periods of time. Following these simple steps will help ensure that your pizzelle remain fresh and tasty for as long as possible!

We hope you enjoy these must have Italian cookies! We learning with you!

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