Butter Up! Learn How to Soften Butter Quickly & Easily

You want to bake something yummy! You find the perfect recipe for the perfect baked good. You get ready and realize the recipe calls for softened butter or room-temperature butter, but you only have cold butter or frozen butter.

Don’t worry next time you forget to plan ahead and don’t take the butter from the refrigerator. Here at Novice Cook, we have your back.

We have researched methods for softening butter, so you can bake with spontaneity. So here are our top picks on ways to soften butter quickly and easily! You will have softened butter in a pinch.

Butter plays a crucial role in baking and cooking but often needs to be softened for recipes to be successful. Softening butter can be challenging since it can quickly become a melted mess. Luckily, there are a few easy methods for safely and quickly softening butter without melting it.

In this article, we will explore six different ways to quickly soften butter without it getting too warm or soft. Pick your favorite method for your butter-softening needs!

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Chemical Softening Method

One alternative to waiting for your butter to soften at room temperature is to use a microwave safe method. This can be done by microwaving the butter for a few seconds. To ensure you don’t melt the butter, start with only 5-second intervals in the microwave. This will soften the butter just enough so you can mix it with other ingredients. Be sure to always check the temperature of the butter before adding it to your recipes, as overheating can cause the butter to melt too much and ruin the texture of your finished product.

Warm Water Method

The simplest method to quickly soften butter is through the hot water method. To do this, pour a cup of hot (not boiling) water in a bowl and let the butter sit in the hot water for a few minutes until it’s softened. Be sure that the butter is completely submerged in the water. Another trick is to put a lid over the bowl to create a warmer environment for the butter to soften in. This will help the butter soften faster without needing to leave it in the water for too long. Additionally, make sure to use a spoon or fork to remove the softened butter from the hot water, as it will be much easier to handle and spread. Pour out the water after you remove the butter.

Double Boiler Method

One easy way to soften butter is to use a double boiler. This method is ideal for large quantities of butter as it ensures even consistency and softening. Begin by filling the bottom pan of your double boiler with about 2 inches of water and bring it to a boil. Place the butter in the top pan of the double boiler and cover the pan. Allow the butter to melt over low heat, stirring occasionally, until it’s completely melted and softened. Once softened, you can use the butter immediately or store it in the refrigerator for future use.

Cheese Grater Method

One simple way to quickly soften butter is by using a cheese grater. Simply take your cold stick of butter and grate it into small pieces. This method is especially efficient when you are using butter in baking, as it easily blends in with other ingredients and melts quickly. To use the cheese grater method, make sure to use cold butter and grate it into small pieces onto a plate, or into the mix itself. After grating, the butter should be soft and ready to use.

Cubed Butter Method

You can use a kitchen knife to cut the butter into small pieces or small cubes and then microwave it for a few seconds at a time until it has softened to the desired texture or set it out for approximately 15 minutes. Do this first, then pull out all the other ingredients and get ready to bake. Those 15 minutes will g by in a flash.  

Wax Paper Method

It’s easy to soften butter without a microwave using wax paper and a rolling pin. Start by unwrapping the butter and placing the stick of butter between two pieces of wax paper.  Use a rolling pin to roll the butter flat. Roll away from you until the butter is about 1/4 inch thick. Make sure to roll the butter evenly and keep the pressure consistent. Once the butter is flattened, you can remove the wax paper and it should be soft and malleable. If there are hard chunks of butter still remaining, you can repeat the process until it softens your butter.


Butter has many uses in cooking and baking, but sometimes it can be challenging to get it softened quickly and we are not looking for melted butter. Thankfully, there are several methods that you can use to soften butter in a snap. Whether you choose to use the microwave, the chemical softening method, the hot water method, the double boiler method, or the cheese grater method, you are sure to find the right solution for your butter-softening needs. By following any of these tips, you can quickly and easily soften butter to the perfect consistency for any recipe.

Thanks for reading! Don’t worry next time you forget to take the butter out of the fridge. Learning with you is a JOY!

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