Hot Honey Chicken Wings

Hot Honey Chicken Wing Sauce Recipe (and tips on how to cook wings in the air fryer)

It is fall which means football is on, and when football is on, I am thinking chicken wings. Okay, I am usually thinking about chicken wings. They are my desert island food.

I am a traditionalist. Buffalo wings are my favorite. However, in my gain to become the best home cook I can be, I have been diving into spices. My mind (and taste buds) are exploding at all the possibilities, and here is one of my new favorite wings recipes. I can now scream it from my island, I love hot honey wings! Check out the recipe for this delicious sauce and how I air fry my chicken wings.

Ingredients: 8 servings, so yes, double it for extra sauce for fries.

1/2 cup of your favorite hot sauce

1/4 tsp minced garlic

1/4 cup honey

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp brown sugar

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (or more, if you want a bit more heat)

4 tbsp butter, unsalted

Note: If you don’t have unsalted butter, you can use salted butter. However, I would not add any other salt (until you taste it).


1. In a small saucepan, combine all of the ingredients except for the unsalted butter.

2. Heat the mixture over low heat, stirring frequently, until it comes to a simmer.

3. Remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the butter until it is completely incorporated.

4. Allow the sauce to cool slightly before using.

Note: The sauce will thicken as it cools down.

How to Air Fry Wings

To air-fry wings:

1. Start by heating your air fryer to 400 degrees. *You may need to pre-heat your air fryer. Read the instructions on your model to see if this step is necessary

2. Spray your wings with cooking spray and season them with salt and pepper (if you desire).

3. Next, put the wings in the air fryer basket in a single layer.

4. Cook them for 12 minutes. Flip the wings over halfway through cooking.

5. Once they’re done, remove the wings from the air fryer and place them in a large bowl.

6. Pour the Hot Honey Wing Sauce, cover tightly, and toss to coat the wings with the sauce.

7. Enjoy along your favorite side.

What are some tips for air-fried wings?

Some tips for air frying wings include using a high-quality air fryer, preheating the fryer, spraying the wings with cooking spray, and adding seasonings of your choice. When cooking, be sure to cook the wings in small batches so they cook evenly. Also, be sure to monitor the temperature of the fryer to ensure that the wings do not overcook.

How do you get crispy wings?

To make sure your air-fried chicken wings are crispy, make sure to coat them in a light layer of oil before cooking. You can also try using a higher cooking temperature to help crisp up the skin. Finally, be sure to let the wings cook long enough so that they have time to get crispy.

How do you clean your Air Fryer?

To clean your Air Fryer, start by unplugging the unit and removing any removable parts. Next, mix a solution of water and vinegar and use it to wipe down the inside of the unit. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies, as this is where grease and food particles can accumulate. If you have a self-cleaning function on your Air Fryer, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it properly. Once you’ve finished cleaning, dry all of the parts with a clean towel before reassembling and plugging in your Air Fryer.

Can you use frozen wings in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook frozen chicken wings in an air fryer. You will need to cook them for a longer period of time than if they were thawed, and you may need to add a little extra oil to help them crisp up. But overall, it’s a fairly simple process and the results are delicious! Check your air fryer for directions and times for frozen food.

How do I know when my wings are fully cooked?

To ensure that your wings are fully cooked, you can use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the meat. The USDA recommends cooking chicken wings to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

I really hope you like this Hot Honey Wing sauce. Maybe it will become your desert island food!


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